Apple Cidar Vinegar

Alright ladies –  I’m sure you’ve already heard so much about Apple Cidar Vinegar by now but I feel like I’ve finally done such an easy and natural hack that I have to share!

I first bought Apple Cidar Vinegar probably a year ago and then didn’t touch it for a while! I eventually used it as a floor cleaner when my son began crawling.  He was picking a lot of stuff off the ground and it would usually end up in his mouth!  I wanted something natural but also a disinfectant and easy is always helpful!

Recently I used it to kill the crazy amounts of fruit flies we always start getting in these hot summer days.  My daughter lives off fruit in the summer time, really all of us love it! Naturally, I end up getting too many of these little things buzzing around my compost bag I have on my counter top.  I mixed a little bit of water, apple cidar vinegar and some dish washing soap in a small plastic container.  Wrapped the top with saran wrap and my daughter went to town popping the top with a toothpick.  I’m a weirdo and periodically look at how many dead flies are in there – this stuff works like magic!

I started drinking 2 tablespoons of apple cidar Vinegar with 8 ounces of water in the mornings.  I’ve heard many people rave about how well it’s working for them.  How they feel so much better.  I had read online about the many benefits to it.  It’s great internally but can be used for so many things in the house as well.  I, personally didn’t feel any different or notice any difference while I was drinking this.  Albeit, it hadn’t been that long, and now I just keep on forgetting!  I have been taking a probiotic called ‘Align’ every morning (Costco is where you can get it for the best value).  I’ve noticed a very good difference while I’ve been taking that but am contemplating subbing in the ACV mix once my current box is done.  They do different things but I cant help and wonder if one might be cancelling out the other?  I’m thinking the ACV will do what I’m counting on the Align for and so much more.

Now this is the hack that inspired me to write this blog! I’ve had quite a bit of residue in my hair – I just felt like it was another thing my son had changed about me after giving birth to him.  Sadly, I barely brushed my hair when I first had him so that might’ve been a reason! Anyway, I poured one cup of water and 2-4 tablespoons of ACV in a container.  First I washed my hair with shampoo and then I used this mix, ensuring I had poured it all over my scalp.  Your supposed to then pour it into your hair but mines so short that I kind of did that at the same time.  I kept it in for only about 2 minutes after washing it out and  followed with conditioner.  GIRLS!!! Let me tell you, I only had to do this once and it made such a massive difference. The residue, that was only getting bigger was all gone. My hair even feels healthier. I’m so impressed at how well it worked.  I thought my son had made my hair dryer too but this concoction restored the softness!

There are so many health benefits to drinking this stuff I don’t need to list them.  I would seriously recommend everyone getting it just to store it in your pantry for all of the hacks you can use it for too!  Let me know what else you use it for.


Bridal Shower


The girl whose bachelorette party I went to last month had her wedding shower earlier this month. They hosted at their house.  I love it when people host showers at their homes.  I feel like that’s how it’s meant to be.  It creates a more intimate, sweeter environment.

In preparation for the wedding the family had just completed some renovations. Just like the bachelorette party, the younger sister organized the lovely event.  She has great taste so the theme was trendy and tasteful.  I love how grounded these girls are.  They had a few fun games, I get competitive and love taking part – my partner and I won the first game!  There was tonnes of delicious food and nothing was over the top.  The abundance of fresh fruit was going down very nicely with the very hot weather.  She bought some fun props from Michaels to make a little selfie station.  She painted them herself!

Our mothers are sisters and that blue chest in the above picture is what they both received when they got married.  Back then, the bride would take her new clothes in a trunk to the husbands house.  My mom still has hers too.  I used to play with it when I was a child.  I thought it was really cute how they incorporated that into the décor.

Also, in our culture, whenever we have a gathering, our guests expect a feast! A feast is usually what we provide!  I love the way girls decorate their tables when they host a party on some of the blogs I follow but its not very realistic for us because we actually have to use up the space for all of the food options.  And really, at the end of the day, we’d rather eat than look at a beautifully done up table!


Last month 8 of us girls went to Whistler for a Bachelorette Party. To be honest, I was even more excited knowing that both my sisters were going too.  The last time we went on a trip together was 4 years ago (also for a bachelorette). It felt like forever ago because we used to do so much together before having kids!

I would say I go to Whistler approximately every other year. This was the first time I had been on a trip with this group of girls. They are my aunt’s daughters; we grew up in close proximity but really haven’t spent much time together.  I used to think these girls are so much younger but they’re not.

The first night, we just chilled, put on some temporary gold tattoos, they are so cool!  Can we permanently get inked in gold?  The sister of the bride to be had decorated their suite, got the vibe started for a good night. We walked out for dinner to Dusty’s.  A place, I’ve been to a few times, we went early so it was really quiet.  The atmosphere was quite different from what I remember but it was also going to close right after we left, not that they rushed us out.  Going back to our rooms, the girls thought we’d make it into the hot tub in time – I knew better but I went along.  We were denied entry by security LOL the girls tried to push it but the security was adamant…I knew it wouldn’t work because of previous attempts!  We went back to the room and chilled for a while. We couldn’t believe we hadn’t already done this before – these girls were totally on the same wave length as us.  I was totally enjoying myself.  I called it a night soon after and all the girls followed suite.  Lets be real, the thought of getting a goodnights sleep when your away from your children is pretty exciting!

The next morning, we went over to their room, they had already made breakfast! We ate and then headed down to the pool!  Spent a few hours just enjoying ourselves in the hot tub, pool, sauna and steam room.  A family came down and was playing 90s music so my sister and I just danced/sang along.  We loved it.


We went to the village for lunch, did some shopping and a few of us got our hair done. I felt so relaxed and pampered after our pool time, this hair cut was just icing on the cake (they massaged my head and neck as part of the cut)!  I got myself a little bob.  I had a mushroom head for the night!  We had dinner at this very lovely place called 22 Steps (they have 22 steps leading up to the restaurant – we counted!).  It is the bride-to-be’s favorite restaurant in Whistler.  I had previously been there myself.  Food was amazing!  I even felt like I had the same waiter, not that I’d complain about that – he was pretty good.  We went out that night and had so much fun!  I was so proud of one of my sisters for coming along and having a good time – clubs aren’t really her scene but I think she enjoyed herself too.  It had been a while for me too, initially I thought I’d rather sleep but it was nice to get out and shake that ass.

The next morning we ate breakfast at Southside Diner. It’s another good one, been there before too.  They have home-style food and it’s a fun atmosphere.  They’re usually busy and you may have to wait a while depending on what time you go! I’d say it’s worth the wait.

My sisters and I waiting to be seated at the Diner

Belgian Day at Chambar

Every year Chambar hosts a feast for National Belgian Day.  I believe the first one was about 8 years ago and we attended.  Kawar (boyfriend at the time, now husband) enjoyed it so much we continued going for a few more years, babies happened and now we were back at it this past weekend.  The first one and this years were quite similar in that they had a medieval theme.  There was no cutlery, we were given massive bibs.  They had big, long candle-obras and long thin candles.  The staff were all dressed up and they encouraged anyone attending to do the same.  Some people did!


The first year they had slowly roasted two full pigs on spit fire (and the second year they had one).  They served us everything from those pigs – even gave us crackle (something new to me) towards the end.  This year it was all about the birds.  We had an eight course meal, with seven different birds. The eighth was a dessert – puff pastry made into a swan.


I, myself am not a big meat eater but this event is fun.  It’s a neat way to try new items – even if I mostly likely wont have them again!  Besides, I felt even more inclined to go because they still use my picture (from the first time we went)! My sister sent the below image to a few of us when we were making plans to attend.


The first year a metre of the Chambar pale ale or lager was included with the feast.  They changed that out for all the preceding years.  The presentation of it works so well with the theme though – we bought one this year.  They need two staff members bringing it out when they deliver it to your table.


This final picture is of the squab they served.  It was the only dish I couldn’t/didn’t eat.  The foot was enough to throw me off but I still tried it.  The meat on it was actually tender too and I liked the aftertaste of the honey.  I’m pretty sure I just psyched myself out because I felt a bit off in my tummy afterwards.   After a few minutes I tried the meat that was on the waffle and it tasted a lot tougher and was quite different so I just couldn’t continue.  The odd thing was that I was looking forward to that dish in particular because it was being served on a waffle and Chambar makes delicious waffles!!


I had absolutely no problem polishing off the light dessert though! Served with fresh (I’m assuming local) berries.



This is the second part to our Kelowna trip…

I felt like we mostly were driving, drinking wine or dining and relaxing in the spa.  What a great weekend that sounds like – and it was!! We rented a brand new Ford Expedition, it had never been out yet!  It was an eight seater for the 7 girls.  Each time we would stop, some of us would swap seats.  This made the commute feel so short for me because every time I would be sitting beside someone different.  I feel like I walked away with some incredible conversations.  It might feel even more heightened because those of you that have toddlers understand when I say, I never get to have full on, one-to-one conversation that is not interrupted!  This alone could’ve been reason enough to get away!

Along the way, we stopped at Wineries! We stopped at wineries on our way to Vernon and then again from Vernon to Kelowna and even before we started our drive home!!

I usually end up going to Kelowna about once a year, always in the summer time.  We tend to always visit at least one winery – the ones we visited this time were all new to me!

We started off at the Dirty Laundry.  Its a winery I had been wanting to go to for a few years now.  One of the girls that was with us had recommended it.  It was a fun way to kick off the wineries.  There of course, is a backstory to the name, a fun one.  You can visit to find out! The décor is set up with undergarments as part of the theme.  I wont go into detail about any of the wines from any of the wineries as everyone has different taste.  The area we were in is best known for its whites, which is what I going to take home anyway!  My husband and I prefer the Gurtz and Rieslings, the areas great for it.  Pinot Gris is another one but we don’t have a taste palette for that one.

We then headed to ArrowLeaf.  While we were outside taking pictures, I heard one of the co-workers say that they’ll be closing in 5 minutes.  We rushed inside for the tastings before we all bought a few bottles.  They were closing because a fire had started right below us, just minutes before we got there.  As we were leaving, certain roads were closed so we had to detour to get around to another winery.  For those that don’t know, every year we’ve to be getting several fires in our forests because it gets so hot and dry.  We pull resources from around BC to help each other in the various ways possible.  Unfortunately most of them are caused by humans!

We went to 50th Parallel Estate and Ex Nihilo as well.

We had lunch at Gray Monk the next day.  It was the 3-6 time frame so they didn’t have a full dinner menu or the proper lunch menu.  We may not have gotten to experience the full menu but we sure soaked up the surrounding beauty!  We were in complete awh of the scenery.  There was rows of vineyards from below the patio all the way leading up to the lake.  The water connected to the mountains, it was absolutely stunning.  One of the girls felt like it reminded her of Tuscany, my sister and I completely agreed! My mind and soul were at peace.  The busyness of life had stopped, I was in the moment – just like I had been when we toured Italy.


Intrigue was a winery that wasn’t on the original agenda but it was so close to Gray Monk that we stopped there too.  I was sure glad we did and I know the others would agree!  They had some amazing art work and most of us walked away with a few bottles as well.

I don’t normally care for nudity but this one just speaks to me for some reason.


Our final winery, before we made our way home was Cedar Creek.  It was just up the street from where we stayed in Kelowna.  It ended our trip nicely!  I loved how each place we visited had such a different theme and feel to it.  None of it felt repetitive.


Also, just because it’s such a delicious menu and quite scenic too, I felt the need to mention that we had lunch at Two Eagles Golf Course on our first day.  My husband and I (with another couple) had stopped there once before as well.  I ordered two Bellini’s this time, it was one too much!

And just to end off, here’s another beautiful picture!


The Hills will Sparkle


Last weekend I had gone on a girls trip to Vernon and Kelowna.  We created a group chat to get things organized and ‘The Hills will Sparkle’ (when we get there) was the name of it.  I thought I’d use it again.

The first night was spent at Sparkling Hills Resort in Vernon.  The layout and idea of the resort reminded me a lot of a spa our friends took my husband and I to in Belgium, Thermes De Spa.  Sparkling Hill is an European inspired resort so I can’t help but wonder if they got the idea from it or if the two are somehow related.  My husband sent me two ‘images’ just as we were rolling into the driveway of Sparkling Hills.  Excited, I quickly opened them assuming they were going to be pictures of our children, they were actually treatments he booked for me for the following morning!  He periodically surprises me with such things because he knows I wouldn’t book them for myself.  We unloaded, checking into our retreat for the night.


As we entered the resort, we were welcomed by this gorgeous, massive, crystal chandelier.  It was beautiful!  Our rooms overlooked all of the valley, it was all mountains and greenery.  One wall of our room was all glass from floor to ceiling!  The modern oasis with Swarovski crystals infusion we felt in the entry way followed us to our rooms.

We all changed and went downstairs to take advantage of the little time we had left for the evening.  The spa had several steam rooms and saunas, all of which had a different theme. There was a little cold room with ice that you were meant to go into in between the other hot rooms to boost your circulation.  Even the showers had a few options – could get a fragrant citrus shower, or a tropical one where it sounded like birds in a rainforest.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t select both at the same time! lol.  We walked into the warm, outdoor pool afterwards and as you can see below the sight was also spectacular!

The next morning, we had quite the array for a breakfast buffest, I was pleasantly surprised that most of the options were quite healthy.  I joined most of the girls in the Rose Steam room which was our favorite, by the way, before heading for my treatments.

My first appointment was a head, neck and shoulder massage.  We adjusted that to include a full back massage as well!  I got there right on time but unfortunately the lady came across quite rushed and quickly ushered me into a small, very bright room with minimal décor. The tone and words she used only diminished the tranquil spa environment I was expecting to feel.  However, once she started the massage, she was amazing! She certainly knew what she was doing! Her pressure and technique was right on point.  Unfortunately, I was lying there thinking about the way this lady had greeted me and rushed me into the room before everything began.  I was wondering if perhaps I had come earlier, instead of right on time, maybe she wouldn’t feel the need get started so fast.  Once we were all done, she again, came across very rushed and sent me on my way to my next treatment.

The second appointment I was booked for was a full body scrub!  Now this girl, she had it all figured out. I was almost falling asleep and caught myself from drooling even though she was literally scrapping off a layer of dead skin from my body! lol.  After I showered, as I was toweling off, I noticed so many blemishes on my arms in particular, something I look at now – for some reason for a split second, I felt like they were all supposed to come off with the scrub!  Its like when you go for your first work out, you look at yourself thinking you should see a toned body in the mirror! Anyway, when she lathered me up with lotion right after though, I could feel the difference, the smoothness of my skin with the way her hands were gliding.  I still have a beautiful glow happening!  Once I was all done, I walked through the foot circulation booster.  It’s set up like a small circuit you walk through, the water temperature changes from hot to cold, your supposed to walk through 3-4 times, 2 times a day for better circulation.

I’ll be posting about all of our wine tasting we had done next!


I love the 90’s


This last weekend, my sister and I went to the 90’s concert. We had so much fun!  It’s been years since I had gone to a concert. This was the second one, Invictus had just put a show on in April, I’m guessing it had such a great response, a high demand that they ended up putting together a second one with different artists.  The first one was called ‘I love the 90’s show’.  I really wanted to go to that one too but when the tickets went on sale months in advance, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to leave my son at home.  That line up included Salt N Peppa, Vanilla Ice, All-4-One and more.  When I saw snapchats of that night, I was wishing I could’ve gone – I was sitting in the dark, holding my son, waiting for him to fall back asleep.

I really believe that if you want something bad enough, the universe will somehow give it to you! I was pretty excited to hear that there was going to be a second show.  There was no way; I was going to miss this one! Especially when you hear that the line up for the next one is even better!!  It was supposed to have Mark McGrath (Every Morning, Fly), Blackstreet (No Diggity), Naughty By Nature (OPP), Biz Markie (Just A Friend), C&C Music Factory (Gonna Make You Sweat – Everybody Dance Now), Montell Jordan (This Is How We Do It), and All 4 One (I Swear).  Not all of them showed up though.  C&C Music Factory opened up, she made a good start.  The DJ was pretty amazing too!  He was playing other 90s hits like Mariah Carey in between acts.  The headliner was TLC! OMG were they brilliant! “Left eye” passed away in 2002 so obviously it was just “T-Boz” and “Chilli”.  They made an effort (I think) to look like they did back in the 90’s too.  They’re hair and outfits were how they used to be styled back then.  I became infatuated by Chilli, I feel like I developed a little crush on her during the concert!  I thought Left eye was a little cutie in the 90s but when I was watching Chilli, she danced so well, her bodies all fit and of course the singing!  Watching the pictures on the projector made me realize how young they really were when they started.  All of their songs: Creep, Waterfalls, No Scrubs, and Unpretty were all about girl power.  All of which were number 1 hits, by the way!  They made me feel proud, made me appreciate them even more as I realized that they were doing good, they were using their fame to help other females.  Even during this concert, they had a website and helpline number on the screen for one of the songs. I didn’t realize this back then but I sure felt a deeper appreciation for these ladies after the concert.

A lot of the crowd that showed up was dressed in 90s clothing. It set the tone nicely as we were walking up to the venue.  It made it even more fun.  I, myself tried to do the same.  I was wearing my Zara, grey knitted dress with a black t-shirt underneath.  The t-shirt wasn’t as fitted as we used to wear them and the neck line should’ve been round and tight but mine was a low v-neck.  I opt for comfort (and I didn’t have a t-shirt that fit the bill).  I wore my black and white Adidas kicks which were so comfortable to dance in all night long!!  My hair wasn’t so 90s themed but it was already done from a bridal shower I attended earlier in the day.  I had done a side part, loosely braiding the top half of the thinner side, straightening the rest of my bob.  Make up was already done from the bridal shower as well.  My sister was wishing she had changed after the shower too but she had come straight to my house and we left pretty quickly.


The night felt nostalgic. To top it off, it was a beautiful warm summer night with a full moon.  My sister and I walked to my SUV after the concert, while we were discussing how amazing TLC were, we passed this gorgeous fragrant.  It was some flower from the garden we were passing.  We backtracked and sniffed the bushes and trees but didn’t locate what we were after.  That in itself felt like something we would’ve done 20 years ago.  It really was a perfect end to the amazing night!


I felt the need to de-clutter.  I packed up my clothes, so many things that I didn’t want to part with but things that I knew just didn’t look right anymore.  I had come to terms that I just wont have my old body anymore and that’s fine.  I’m ok with that.  This meant time to clean out and pass along.

A lot of the time, usually after coming back from a trip, I think, why do we have so much stuff? We really don’t need, or even use half of the stuff that we have in our house.  I was able to take out so many clothes that I knew just weren’t going to fit right.  Why bother keeping them if they’re just going to sit there.  Hoping that one day I’ll be able to wear them again.  Really, by the time that happens, if it were to ever happen, I probably wouldn’t even wear those items anyway.  I feel like I got rid of so many things, things that I don’t even miss (mostly), things that I wont even remember (mostly – as I’m writing this images of some of my beautiful dresses keep popping up!) yet, I still look at my walk-in seeing so many items that I haven’t touched in years.  Thinking that one day I might wear them again…I really probably could still get rid of a few more bags!!  It felt amazing to get rid of what I already have but now I’m thinking I need to do it again!

I bought two new shoe racks, one for my husband and one for myself. They can both hold about 50 pairs of shoes each (my husband also bought a few pairs this last UK trip).  Previously, we had a few wooden racks, lined up against the walls of our laundry room, some of them piled up top of each other.  I passed along some of those as we no longer needed them and put all of our shoes on these two new racks.  It freed some so much floor space as there were always shoes all over that floor.  I also took out many pairs that I haven’t and wouldn’t be wearing again.

Being an Indian, we have so many different types of outfits! Then we have Indian jewellery, maybe some purses and more shoes.  Being a shift worker, I also have a uniform for work.  I basically have three different wardrobes, just for me!! And then there are my jackets too…I have gone through and removed items out of all of these.  It feels exhilarating, like I am actually taking pounds off of me!  I am honestly feeling the need to go back and do more as I’m writing this post – I know there is still so much more I can take out.

This de-cluttering business isn’t only for my clothes; I’ve been looking at my house and feel like I want to get rid of items from the bookshelf, the kitchen drawers and some of my kids toys. I am a minimalist.  I know they already don’t have nearly as much as so many other families but they still have more than enough!!  I look at some houses and they’re so neat and tidy, even with children.  Everything seems to have a place for each item.  Things are probably hidden behind the drawers but they have space for that!  We have toys piling up around the fireplace.  My kids mostly play with the same few things anyway!  My son doesn’t even play with toys.  He just likes to follow my daughter around so he can snatch whatever she might have in her hand.  He also likes to take toys out of the bins one by one until its empty and then he’s done!  He’ll walk away and start emptying something else next.  He does that with everything, food lands on the floor from the high chair, clothes/blankets/stuffies land on the floor from the bed, Tupperware/cooking items land on the floor from the drawers…

I am also the type of mother that wants my children to play by using their imagination. I want them to feel the grass under their chubby feet, let the sand run through their tiny little fingers, feel the warmth of the sun on their delicate skin.  I want them to remember us being right there, right by their side.  I don’t want them growing up feeling entitled; I want them to be humble, grateful and to appreciate the value of money.  The best memories will be the quality of time we spend with them; they don’t need the shiny new gizmos to stimulate their minds or to buy their love!

Trends come and Go

I used to go shopping in the UK; most of my clothes, shoes and purses are from there. Clothes are trendier there.  They get new fashion faster than we get in Vancouver; London being one of the fashion capitals in the world.  Over the years, it has changed here.  Albeit, fashion is still amazing there but girls here are trendier than before.  With online shopping and cute little boutiques opening up everywhere, things are just so much more within reach and faster now.  I personally don’t do online shopping cuz I HAVE to try EVERYTHING on before I purchase.  I suppose my weight change isn’t helping the matter either.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, just found out we were pregnant, we were in the UK. This was the first time I didn’t go on a major shopping spree while I was there.  I did try to do some shopping but most of the things I would try on, I just didn’t like the way it fit or looked on me.  We had gone back when she was three months old.  I still felt the same.  Wanting to buy things but it just wasn’t happening cuz I just wasn’t feeling good in them, the fit wasn’t right.  This last time we went, my son was 8 months old.  I was determined to come home with a whole new wardrobe and that I did!   I am lucky enough that I was able to go back into the clothes I wore before having my son but they didn’t look the same cuz now I have more bulges. LOL The tops were tight and not in a good way!  The clothes that were fitting were the ones that I had picked up along the way, mostly from those two previous trips. They fit but it didn’t mean they looked good!  I needed new pieces that worked and fit my new body.  This obviously makes a difference in the way I feel, if I feel good and comfortable in my clothes, I feel less self-conscious.  This gives me more flexibility to play with my kids openly while we’re out and about.  This just reminded me how I got rid of so many of my (short) dresses – can’t wear them while your running around after your littles!


It’s funny this trendy business. Within these past few years, within the time frame of having both my children, I’ve gone through thoughts were I begin wondering why bother with trends?  I find this is usually when I’m feeling more self conscious.  I begin thinking why bother spending so much money when trends are constantly changing! I can spend that money on so many other more valuable things (for my kids or for the house for example).  Why not have a basic wardrobe that’s flattering. Basic tees and long sleeves with regular fit jeans (more like Jessica Alba or Jennifer Gardner style).  Accessories can dress up the outfits if needed.  But then there have been times where I feel like my wardrobe is all old and want the latest fashion; its usually when I have an event to go to and want to look good.  I dress according to the season, based on my mood and if its an event then perhaps try to follow the theme.

Am I the only crazy one, do any of you go through these waves of caring and not caring? Is this normal?

The Momma Body

The struggle is real! So I know that I’m not fat (right at this moment, I’m fully aware of it). I’m 5’7” (that for the brown community is probably on the taller side) and my weight (even at 9 months pregnant hasn’t ever gone over 150lbs).  Having long skinny arms and legs could possibly make me look taller or maybe even skinnier but I for the most part I struggled (do struggle) with my stomach.  After going through two pregnancies, I have come to realize I have been bloated for most of my life!!  I had always felt that my stomach is bigger than I’d like it to be.  Although, looking back at my younger pictures, I don’t see it at all.  I wish I had just accepted my body then. I wish I hadn’t felt self conscious about it all these years ago.

I struggled with the weight gain after having my first but I bounced back and it was ok. My emotions didn’t go on a roll coaster nearly as high and low as the coaster I sat on after I had my son. Now after having my second, I honestly felt fat and sloppy.  I had never felt like this before, never to this level.  My son was born in the beginning of June so it was hot.  I mostly wore tank tops with a built in elastic band so I wouldn’t even have to wear a bra! (I was nursing) I basically lived in my pajamas most of my mat leave.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m one of those girls that comes home and changes into ‘house clothes’ – they’re pajamas!! If not pajamas, I live in joggers and tanks.  That’s never really bothered me before but boy did it feel like an issue this time around!  I still remember seeing myself in a mirror one day, while I was sitting on a bed at my parents house – I was trying to justify it by thinking its the angle that I sat in that made me look this way! I had never felt so wide before, so wide without a child inside me!

I would think about wanting to do some exercise. I know that’s the only way I could/would lose weight.  I also was eating so much more cuz of the nursing (I think).  That was ok with me; I’ve never tried to change my diet before and didn’t think I needed to now either.  I didn’t feel like I could complain about my weight if I wasn’t doing anything to correct it.  But where do you get the energy or strength to try working out or going for runs, even walks when your child is waking up 4 to 5 times a night, every night??!!  Not only do you have them all night long but then you have them all day long as well.  My daughter usually woke up at least once or twice a night in between my sons wake up calls too.

Things began to change for me when I started going to physiotherapy. My husband and I, along with both of our children would drive to Surrey so I could get this done.  I was reluctant at first; we never take the time out for ourselves!  I didn’t want to have to drag everyone out for an appointment all the way in Surrey, (which really only takes about 45minutes) just for me.  Of course, had this been for either of my kids, we would’ve done it, no problem.  I didn’t want to bother with the hassle; it felt like such an ordeal.  My husband was supportive (as always).  We specifically went to surrey and not closer as my sister recommended this individual to me.  He is amazing.  He specializes in the midsection, as he became interested in the area after going through a few personal things with his own wife so he’s passionate about it!  This in my opinion makes the world of a difference.  That’s why I believe he’d be better than other physio’s.  He began by draining all of the access water retention I had after the pregnancy.  I could visually see a difference after only the first two visits.

Physiotherapy isn’t something I’d ever imagine I’d need. I didn’t feel any pain after birth, before I started seeing him, I didn’t really hear of girls needing to go.  My sister convinced me that he can get rid of my ‘pouch’.  LOL.  I saw a physical difference in her which is what finally made me give it a go for myself.  She had been going to bootcamp the previous year but physiotherapy seemed to make a bigger difference in her losing weight! I noticed it but she told me the same thing herself.  Going to him gave me the kickstart I needed.  I feel much better about myself now.  He got me out of the rut that I was stuck in.  Emotionally I feel like myself again too.  I have now accepted my new body and am ok with it most of the time.  I’m at the point where I want to work out again.  I want to wear regular clothes, even dress up sometimes.  I feel like putting make up again too.  These are all simple things that boost my self esteem for me.  They make me feel better about myself and at the end of the day, that’s what really matters.  It makes me want to do more for and with my young children as well.

I used to never really look at other girls, thinking I wish I looked like her. I wish this, I wish that. I had begun comparing myself to other mommas.  Thinking, they shrunk back up so quickly, you can’t even tell they’ve had a kid!  Why can’t my body do that?  And back fat? What the F is that?? I never knew it existed and now I have it, lol.  I suppose this is one of the many things I learned, when you’re down, you pull yourself lower by comparing yourself to what you want, what you’d rather be BUT we only look at that one aspect we want.  Those girls I would compare myself to, sure they have the body I want but they have their own things they’re struggling with too.

I used to think this before and I feel it now too. We, as new mothers, put so much pressure on ourselves!  Our bodies are miraculous, beautiful things.  WE have the power, the equipment to grow little humans inside of us! We grow them and we can nourish them.  All they need is us!  Why are we so hard on ourselves?  Of course, our hormones are going to change, we become two, we become a feeding system, a home, and we give birth to humans!  It takes 10 months to develop something so beautiful, why do we expect to see our body go back to preconceiving within the first month after labour?