Last month 8 of us girls went to Whistler for a Bachelorette Party. To be honest, I was even more excited knowing that both my sisters were going too.  The last time we went on a trip together was 4 years ago (also for a bachelorette). It felt like forever ago because we used to do so much together before having kids!

I would say I go to Whistler approximately every other year. This was the first time I had been on a trip with this group of girls. They are my aunt’s daughters; we grew up in close proximity but really haven’t spent much time together.  I used to think these girls are so much younger but they’re not.

The first night, we just chilled, put on some temporary gold tattoos, they are so cool!  Can we permanently get inked in gold?  The sister of the bride to be had decorated their suite, got the vibe started for a good night. We walked out for dinner to Dusty’s.  A place, I’ve been to a few times, we went early so it was really quiet.  The atmosphere was quite different from what I remember but it was also going to close right after we left, not that they rushed us out.  Going back to our rooms, the girls thought we’d make it into the hot tub in time – I knew better but I went along.  We were denied entry by security LOL the girls tried to push it but the security was adamant…I knew it wouldn’t work because of previous attempts!  We went back to the room and chilled for a while. We couldn’t believe we hadn’t already done this before – these girls were totally on the same wave length as us.  I was totally enjoying myself.  I called it a night soon after and all the girls followed suite.  Lets be real, the thought of getting a goodnights sleep when your away from your children is pretty exciting!

The next morning, we went over to their room, they had already made breakfast! We ate and then headed down to the pool!  Spent a few hours just enjoying ourselves in the hot tub, pool, sauna and steam room.  A family came down and was playing 90s music so my sister and I just danced/sang along.  We loved it.


We went to the village for lunch, did some shopping and a few of us got our hair done. I felt so relaxed and pampered after our pool time, this hair cut was just icing on the cake (they massaged my head and neck as part of the cut)!  I got myself a little bob.  I had a mushroom head for the night!  We had dinner at this very lovely place called 22 Steps (they have 22 steps leading up to the restaurant – we counted!).  It is the bride-to-be’s favorite restaurant in Whistler.  I had previously been there myself.  Food was amazing!  I even felt like I had the same waiter, not that I’d complain about that – he was pretty good.  We went out that night and had so much fun!  I was so proud of one of my sisters for coming along and having a good time – clubs aren’t really her scene but I think she enjoyed herself too.  It had been a while for me too, initially I thought I’d rather sleep but it was nice to get out and shake that ass.

The next morning we ate breakfast at Southside Diner. It’s another good one, been there before too.  They have home-style food and it’s a fun atmosphere.  They’re usually busy and you may have to wait a while depending on what time you go! I’d say it’s worth the wait.

My sisters and I waiting to be seated at the Diner

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