Every year Chambar hosts a feast for National Belgian Day.  I believe the first one was about 8 years ago and we attended.  Kawar (boyfriend at the time, now husband) enjoyed it so much we continued going for a few more years, babies happened and now we were back at it this past weekend.  The first one and this years were quite similar in that they had a medieval theme.  There was no cutlery, we were given massive bibs.  They had big, long candle-obras and long thin candles.  The staff were all dressed up and they encouraged anyone attending to do the same.  Some people did!


The first year they had slowly roasted two full pigs on spit fire (and the second year they had one).  They served us everything from those pigs – even gave us crackle (something new to me) towards the end.  This year it was all about the birds.  We had an eight course meal, with seven different birds. The eighth was a dessert – puff pastry made into a swan.


I, myself am not a big meat eater but this event is fun.  It’s a neat way to try new items – even if I mostly likely wont have them again!  Besides, I felt even more inclined to go because they still use my picture (from the first time we went)! My sister sent the below image to a few of us when we were making plans to attend.


The first year a metre of the Chambar pale ale or lager was included with the feast.  They changed that out for all the preceding years.  The presentation of it works so well with the theme though – we bought one this year.  They need two staff members bringing it out when they deliver it to your table.


This final picture is of the squab they served.  It was the only dish I couldn’t/didn’t eat.  The foot was enough to throw me off but I still tried it.  The meat on it was actually tender too and I liked the aftertaste of the honey.  I’m pretty sure I just psyched myself out because I felt a bit off in my tummy afterwards.   After a few minutes I tried the meat that was on the waffle and it tasted a lot tougher and was quite different so I just couldn’t continue.  The odd thing was that I was looking forward to that dish in particular because it was being served on a waffle and Chambar makes delicious waffles!!


I had absolutely no problem polishing off the light dessert though! Served with fresh (I’m assuming local) berries.


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