Last weekend I had gone on a girls trip to Vernon and Kelowna.  We created a group chat to get things organized and ‘The Hills will Sparkle’ (when we get there) was the name of it.  I thought I’d use it again.

The first night was spent at Sparkling Hills Resort in Vernon.  The layout and idea of the resort reminded me a lot of a spa our friends took my husband and I to in Belgium, Thermes De Spa.  Sparkling Hill is an European inspired resort so I can’t help but wonder if they got the idea from it or if the two are somehow related.  My husband sent me two ‘images’ just as we were rolling into the driveway of Sparkling Hills.  Excited, I quickly opened them assuming they were going to be pictures of our children, they were actually treatments he booked for me for the following morning!  He periodically surprises me with such things because he knows I wouldn’t book them for myself.  We unloaded, checking into our retreat for the night.


As we entered the resort, we were welcomed by this gorgeous, massive, crystal chandelier.  It was beautiful!  Our rooms overlooked all of the valley, it was all mountains and greenery.  One wall of our room was all glass from floor to ceiling!  The modern oasis with Swarovski crystals infusion we felt in the entry way followed us to our rooms.

We all changed and went downstairs to take advantage of the little time we had left for the evening.  The spa had several steam rooms and saunas, all of which had a different theme. There was a little cold room with ice that you were meant to go into in between the other hot rooms to boost your circulation.  Even the showers had a few options – could get a fragrant citrus shower, or a tropical one where it sounded like birds in a rainforest.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t select both at the same time! lol.  We walked into the warm, outdoor pool afterwards and as you can see below the sight was also spectacular!

The next morning, we had quite the array for a breakfast buffest, I was pleasantly surprised that most of the options were quite healthy.  I joined most of the girls in the Rose Steam room which was our favorite, by the way, before heading for my treatments.

My first appointment was a head, neck and shoulder massage.  We adjusted that to include a full back massage as well!  I got there right on time but unfortunately the lady came across quite rushed and quickly ushered me into a small, very bright room with minimal décor. The tone and words she used only diminished the tranquil spa environment I was expecting to feel.  However, once she started the massage, she was amazing! She certainly knew what she was doing! Her pressure and technique was right on point.  Unfortunately, I was lying there thinking about the way this lady had greeted me and rushed me into the room before everything began.  I was wondering if perhaps I had come earlier, instead of right on time, maybe she wouldn’t feel the need get started so fast.  Once we were all done, she again, came across very rushed and sent me on my way to my next treatment.

The second appointment I was booked for was a full body scrub!  Now this girl, she had it all figured out. I was almost falling asleep and caught myself from drooling even though she was literally scrapping off a layer of dead skin from my body! lol.  After I showered, as I was toweling off, I noticed so many blemishes on my arms in particular, something I look at now – for some reason for a split second, I felt like they were all supposed to come off with the scrub!  Its like when you go for your first work out, you look at yourself thinking you should see a toned body in the mirror! Anyway, when she lathered me up with lotion right after though, I could feel the difference, the smoothness of my skin with the way her hands were gliding.  I still have a beautiful glow happening!  Once I was all done, I walked through the foot circulation booster.  It’s set up like a small circuit you walk through, the water temperature changes from hot to cold, your supposed to walk through 3-4 times, 2 times a day for better circulation.

I’ll be posting about all of our wine tasting we had done next!



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