This last weekend, my sister and I went to the 90’s concert. We had so much fun!  It’s been years since I had gone to a concert. This was the second one, Invictus had just put a show on in April, I’m guessing it had such a great response, a high demand that they ended up putting together a second one with different artists.  The first one was called ‘I love the 90’s show’.  I really wanted to go to that one too but when the tickets went on sale months in advance, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to leave my son at home.  That line up included Salt N Peppa, Vanilla Ice, All-4-One and more.  When I saw snapchats of that night, I was wishing I could’ve gone – I was sitting in the dark, holding my son, waiting for him to fall back asleep.

I really believe that if you want something bad enough, the universe will somehow give it to you! I was pretty excited to hear that there was going to be a second show.  There was no way; I was going to miss this one! Especially when you hear that the line up for the next one is even better!!  It was supposed to have Mark McGrath (Every Morning, Fly), Blackstreet (No Diggity), Naughty By Nature (OPP), Biz Markie (Just A Friend), C&C Music Factory (Gonna Make You Sweat – Everybody Dance Now), Montell Jordan (This Is How We Do It), and All 4 One (I Swear).  Not all of them showed up though.  C&C Music Factory opened up, she made a good start.  The DJ was pretty amazing too!  He was playing other 90s hits like Mariah Carey in between acts.  The headliner was TLC! OMG were they brilliant! “Left eye” passed away in 2002 so obviously it was just “T-Boz” and “Chilli”.  They made an effort (I think) to look like they did back in the 90’s too.  They’re hair and outfits were how they used to be styled back then.  I became infatuated by Chilli, I feel like I developed a little crush on her during the concert!  I thought Left eye was a little cutie in the 90s but when I was watching Chilli, she danced so well, her bodies all fit and of course the singing!  Watching the pictures on the projector made me realize how young they really were when they started.  All of their songs: Creep, Waterfalls, No Scrubs, and Unpretty were all about girl power.  All of which were number 1 hits, by the way!  They made me feel proud, made me appreciate them even more as I realized that they were doing good, they were using their fame to help other females.  Even during this concert, they had a website and helpline number on the screen for one of the songs. I didn’t realize this back then but I sure felt a deeper appreciation for these ladies after the concert.

A lot of the crowd that showed up was dressed in 90s clothing. It set the tone nicely as we were walking up to the venue.  It made it even more fun.  I, myself tried to do the same.  I was wearing my Zara, grey knitted dress with a black t-shirt underneath.  The t-shirt wasn’t as fitted as we used to wear them and the neck line should’ve been round and tight but mine was a low v-neck.  I opt for comfort (and I didn’t have a t-shirt that fit the bill).  I wore my black and white Adidas kicks which were so comfortable to dance in all night long!!  My hair wasn’t so 90s themed but it was already done from a bridal shower I attended earlier in the day.  I had done a side part, loosely braiding the top half of the thinner side, straightening the rest of my bob.  Make up was already done from the bridal shower as well.  My sister was wishing she had changed after the shower too but she had come straight to my house and we left pretty quickly.


The night felt nostalgic. To top it off, it was a beautiful warm summer night with a full moon.  My sister and I walked to my SUV after the concert, while we were discussing how amazing TLC were, we passed this gorgeous fragrant.  It was some flower from the garden we were passing.  We backtracked and sniffed the bushes and trees but didn’t locate what we were after.  That in itself felt like something we would’ve done 20 years ago.  It really was a perfect end to the amazing night!


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