I used to go shopping in the UK; most of my clothes, shoes and purses are from there. Clothes are trendier there.  They get new fashion faster than we get in Vancouver; London being one of the fashion capitals in the world.  Over the years, it has changed here.  Albeit, fashion is still amazing there but girls here are trendier than before.  With online shopping and cute little boutiques opening up everywhere, things are just so much more within reach and faster now.  I personally don’t do online shopping cuz I HAVE to try EVERYTHING on before I purchase.  I suppose my weight change isn’t helping the matter either.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, just found out we were pregnant, we were in the UK. This was the first time I didn’t go on a major shopping spree while I was there.  I did try to do some shopping but most of the things I would try on, I just didn’t like the way it fit or looked on me.  We had gone back when she was three months old.  I still felt the same.  Wanting to buy things but it just wasn’t happening cuz I just wasn’t feeling good in them, the fit wasn’t right.  This last time we went, my son was 8 months old.  I was determined to come home with a whole new wardrobe and that I did!   I am lucky enough that I was able to go back into the clothes I wore before having my son but they didn’t look the same cuz now I have more bulges. LOL The tops were tight and not in a good way!  The clothes that were fitting were the ones that I had picked up along the way, mostly from those two previous trips. They fit but it didn’t mean they looked good!  I needed new pieces that worked and fit my new body.  This obviously makes a difference in the way I feel, if I feel good and comfortable in my clothes, I feel less self-conscious.  This gives me more flexibility to play with my kids openly while we’re out and about.  This just reminded me how I got rid of so many of my (short) dresses – can’t wear them while your running around after your littles!


It’s funny this trendy business. Within these past few years, within the time frame of having both my children, I’ve gone through thoughts were I begin wondering why bother with trends?  I find this is usually when I’m feeling more self conscious.  I begin thinking why bother spending so much money when trends are constantly changing! I can spend that money on so many other more valuable things (for my kids or for the house for example).  Why not have a basic wardrobe that’s flattering. Basic tees and long sleeves with regular fit jeans (more like Jessica Alba or Jennifer Gardner style).  Accessories can dress up the outfits if needed.  But then there have been times where I feel like my wardrobe is all old and want the latest fashion; its usually when I have an event to go to and want to look good.  I dress according to the season, based on my mood and if its an event then perhaps try to follow the theme.

Am I the only crazy one, do any of you go through these waves of caring and not caring? Is this normal?


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