I felt the need to de-clutter.  I packed up my clothes, so many things that I didn’t want to part with but things that I knew just didn’t look right anymore.  I had come to terms that I just wont have my old body anymore and that’s fine.  I’m ok with that.  This meant time to clean out and pass along.

A lot of the time, usually after coming back from a trip, I think, why do we have so much stuff? We really don’t need, or even use half of the stuff that we have in our house.  I was able to take out so many clothes that I knew just weren’t going to fit right.  Why bother keeping them if they’re just going to sit there.  Hoping that one day I’ll be able to wear them again.  Really, by the time that happens, if it were to ever happen, I probably wouldn’t even wear those items anyway.  I feel like I got rid of so many things, things that I don’t even miss (mostly), things that I wont even remember (mostly – as I’m writing this images of some of my beautiful dresses keep popping up!) yet, I still look at my walk-in seeing so many items that I haven’t touched in years.  Thinking that one day I might wear them again…I really probably could still get rid of a few more bags!!  It felt amazing to get rid of what I already have but now I’m thinking I need to do it again!

I bought two new shoe racks, one for my husband and one for myself. They can both hold about 50 pairs of shoes each (my husband also bought a few pairs this last UK trip).  Previously, we had a few wooden racks, lined up against the walls of our laundry room, some of them piled up top of each other.  I passed along some of those as we no longer needed them and put all of our shoes on these two new racks.  It freed some so much floor space as there were always shoes all over that floor.  I also took out many pairs that I haven’t and wouldn’t be wearing again.

Being an Indian, we have so many different types of outfits! Then we have Indian jewellery, maybe some purses and more shoes.  Being a shift worker, I also have a uniform for work.  I basically have three different wardrobes, just for me!! And then there are my jackets too…I have gone through and removed items out of all of these.  It feels exhilarating, like I am actually taking pounds off of me!  I am honestly feeling the need to go back and do more as I’m writing this post – I know there is still so much more I can take out.

This de-cluttering business isn’t only for my clothes; I’ve been looking at my house and feel like I want to get rid of items from the bookshelf, the kitchen drawers and some of my kids toys. I am a minimalist.  I know they already don’t have nearly as much as so many other families but they still have more than enough!!  I look at some houses and they’re so neat and tidy, even with children.  Everything seems to have a place for each item.  Things are probably hidden behind the drawers but they have space for that!  We have toys piling up around the fireplace.  My kids mostly play with the same few things anyway!  My son doesn’t even play with toys.  He just likes to follow my daughter around so he can snatch whatever she might have in her hand.  He also likes to take toys out of the bins one by one until its empty and then he’s done!  He’ll walk away and start emptying something else next.  He does that with everything, food lands on the floor from the high chair, clothes/blankets/stuffies land on the floor from the bed, Tupperware/cooking items land on the floor from the drawers…

I am also the type of mother that wants my children to play by using their imagination. I want them to feel the grass under their chubby feet, let the sand run through their tiny little fingers, feel the warmth of the sun on their delicate skin.  I want them to remember us being right there, right by their side.  I don’t want them growing up feeling entitled; I want them to be humble, grateful and to appreciate the value of money.  The best memories will be the quality of time we spend with them; they don’t need the shiny new gizmos to stimulate their minds or to buy their love!


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